Next week, I'm putting together an online group of people and I wondered if you are interested in your heart health?

Our first zoom call is Tuesday 1st February 2022

Do you sometimes think you don't get the answers you want to explain what's going on for your heart?

Or are you someone who's just genuinely interested in being proactive about the best healthcare for yourself?

My name is Doctor Warrick Bishop, I'm a cardiologist and CEO of the Healthy Heart Network, a membership where, on a regular basis, we get to share information and resources.

On the 1st of February, I have a special guest, Danielle Toscan, who is a dietician from Nutrition For Life, who is joining me to share her insights, literally chewing the fat.

We will be sharing information and talking about the sort of stuff that our members are currently wanting to know more and more about.

Would you like to join us? 

For more information visit:

Would You Like To Join Us?

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