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Atrial Fibrillation (AF) is a common medical condition that arises from a problem within the electrical system of the heart. Although it is widespread - 30 million sufferers worlwide - one of its peculiarities is that many sufferers are not aware they have it and it is discovered after a collapse or as an 'incidental finding', for example, when a patient's pulse is being monitored in association with surgery or other medical procedure.

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Hi, my name is Ron. I would just like to mention that I suffer from atrial fibrillation, and I read the book after meeting with Warrick, and I found it absorbing and most interesting. And I would recommend it to anyone who suffers not only this disease, but any other heart problems as well.

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Hi, I'm Matthew. I found out recently that I've got AF. At the start, it was a shock to the system, but once I got my hands on this book - I'm seeing Dr. Bishop at the moment - I've gone through his book and it is fantastic. It's such a relief. It's so handy to have information just to relieve all of the anxiety, and know where you are in the process.

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Hi, my name is Cindy, and I'm currently studying at uni, upgrading from EN to RN, and I came across this book, which I found incredibly useful for my degree. It's well-written and referenced. It's easy to follow with great illustrations. It explains this complicated condition in a way that I feel I understand it now. If you are looking for a book on atrial fibrillation, I would definitely recommend this one. Thank you.

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In this article, Dr Bishop discusses how this is a good time to start talking about Atrial Fibrillation.

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30 million people around the world have it. Do you? You could, and not know it!

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