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I believe we can prevent heart attack. We can put in place strategies to reduce risk. We can literally plan to change your future. I call it the Healthy Heart Network.

My name is Dr. Warrick Bishop. If you haven't met me before, hi, nice to meet you. This is going to a number of different platforms, but primarily I've set this up for, the Know Your Real Risk of Heart Attack Facebook group that I put together a little while ago. I'm pretty proud of that group. It has over 2000 engaged members.

Membership to the Know Your Real Risk of Heart Attack Facebook group is completely free. And once a month, I'll talk into that group and you're welcome to ask questions. I can't be in that group all the time. There is the healthy heart network closed member group, which I dedicate more of my time to. But I've also put this through on my standard know your risk of heart attack group. So now I'd like to share some stuff. I'm hoping to cover some questions that are coming from the group. I'm looking to share with you a little bit of teaching and some stuff to think about. And I'm also going to share with you a patient case that just popped up this week.

So hopefully that'll make a bit of sense. If you do have any queries or questions, please just put them below and I'll look to try and answer them. I do have a limited resource, but I'll do my best and try and get back to you. So tonight, I'd like to start off by talking about fats and the role of fats in coronary artery disease, which is really common and people constantly ask me about, "what should I eat, doc and gee, if I've got coronary disease, should I cut down fat or should I increase fat? And what if I'm Keot or what if I'm not? And what if my carbs are down and is olive oil good or avocados good? And so forth.

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