Heart disease is Australia’s number 1 killer.

It takes 51 lives every day.

That’s one person every 28 minutes.

It is the reason I started The Healthy Heart Network:

To share my knowledge with as many people as possible, because most heart attacks are preventable.

Click here to become a member.

The Healthy Heart Network is a non-judgmental, online educational mutual-support community led by my dedicated team and myself.

It is a place where you can interact and ask questions regarding your heart to medical professionals…

And encourage other members on your journey to sustaining a healthy heart.

Some of the resources you’ll enjoy as a member include:

  • A library of Educational Videos,
  • Group Coaching presentations twice a month,
  • Visiting Experts training,
  • Private Facebook Group,
  • Healthy Heart Programme Podcasts,
  • Published Articles,
  • Activity Books,
  • Recordings of Presentations,
  • Prevention Kit,
  • Your Personal Journal,
  • Workbook to follow and track your progress
  • And so much more.

For a limited time, I’m also giving away 12 Bonus Resources valued at over $900.

My team thinks I’m crazy, but hey, I want to help all my members reduce their risk of suffering a heart attack, so I’ve included as much information and as many tools as I can.

See what all the fuss is about here.

This is your opportunity to access all the latest information to reduce your risk of becoming one of the 51 people who die every day from heart disease.

It is an issue you should take very seriously.

It literally is a matter of life and death.


What's Your Risk of Heart Attack?

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