Have you been hearing a bit about people using artificial intelligence in their work? It seems like science fiction.

Dr. Warrick Bishop, a cardiologist in Hobart, created an AI chatbot for his website that can answer heart health questions based on his knowledge base. The chatbot was created by his business partner and sources information only from Warrick's own knowledge rather than the entire web. The chatbot was able to provide an accurate answer to a question about the benefits of saunas for heart health. Warwick believes AI chatbots like this could be useful for many community groups by providing quick answers to common questions. However, privacy and data security are important concerns when using medical AI tools. Warwick was recently part of a delegation raising awareness about cardiac failure which affects about half a million Australians.

Key Moments:

  • Warrick Bishop, a cardiologist, created an AI chatbot for his website to answer heart health questions based on his knowledge base.
  • The AI chatbot was created by his business partner who developed the interface, knowledge base, and AI engine.
  • The chatbot answers questions accurately based on Warrick's own verified information, not the entire web.
  • The chatbot could be useful for community groups and organizations to provide quick answers to common questions.
  • There are privacy concerns with AI chatbots regarding how personal information is secured and used.
  • Warrick's chatbot makes it clear that it is not a replacement for seeing an actual doctor.
  • Warrick thinks his business partner's platform could be replicated for other organizations to create their own AI chatbots.
  • AI chatbots can provide a more private way for people to ask questions without talking to an actual person.
  • The AMA has warned about the use of AI for medical diagnoses in hospitals.
  • Warrick was part of a delegation raising awareness about cardiac failure and its impact.


Have you been hearing a bit about people using artificial intelligence in their work? It seems like science fiction. It's one of those weird things, and then I'm running into more and more people who, I was just speaking to someone who's got quite a senior marketing position over the weekend. They're like, oh yeah, AI writes all my social posts.

Are you kidding? Why would I spend time doing that? Used to have to pay copywriters or spend half a day on it myself. Now I just get it all drafted, do it in the brand voice, and they all pop up. Brilliant. What about AI chat bot? On your band's webpage or your community group's webpage that can answer people's questions and do things.

You'll hear from our friendly breakfast cardiologist, Warrick Bishop in just a second who got a bit inspired at a conference and went, oh, I might just pop an AI chatbot on the website, and I've been chatting to it intimately, oh, the morning about my heart health and asking questions. I might be too embarrassed to ask a doctor, being honest about what I really eat and drink.

In a way I may not face to face with a doctor and it's pretty interesting experience. So might be something that you can apply to your community football club or to your dance school or to whatever business you might be running your side hustle. We're all side hustling now, aren't we? Madly?  Could you use artificial intelligence on your website for your community group or for your business?

Dr. Warrick Bishop is a cardiologist working in Hobart. Normally we talk to him about heart health, but today we're gonna have a bit of a chat about his heart bot. Gday Warrick. Morning Rick. Morning. What got you excited about this? Where did you come across the idea? Look, I'd love to take credit, but truth is my business partner and IT tech head who's based in Sydney saw the opportunity and, and has basically been able to create a front end, which interacts with the community a middle bit where I can drop in my own knowledge base and then attach to that an AI engine.

And we think, we think no one else is doing it right at the moment, and it's come up really well. So does that mean if I'm messaging the AI bot, you could also see those messages? I. Yeah, absolutely. Of course things like liability and indemnity come to play, but we make it very clear it's an AI bot.

It's not really me. And these sort of bits of information as you say to your listeners you have to really follow up with your own doctor. But no, it's, it's. We've been amazed, and if you've had a play with it, you probably realize how interactive and how comprehensive some of the answers are.

Well, I have worked, but I thought I was talking to a robot, so I was just way too honest. But I did do one thing today. So I saw this story going around in the media that saunas really good for heart health, as good as cardio for heart health and can prevent stroke and stuff. And so I. Asked you those questions or your bot about are saunas good for reducing heart risk?

And it says, yes, there's some evidence that regular sauna use may reduce the risk of developing certain heart conditions but it's not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, including balanced nutrition, regular exercise, et cetera. I mean, it felt just like interviewing you. That's not a bad answer, is it?

That's not a bad answer. So it's, I mean, how much more do you think things like this will play a role in people being able, being able to quickly fact check these sorts of news stories? Yeah, look, I think I, I think we will see this sort of integration more and more, Rick, absolutely no question. And for my particular site, It's perfect.

I've got a deep knowledge base but I can't be available all the time. If I can download that knowledge base by putting my podcast books and various other bits into the into the knowledge base of the AI and then drive that, it's a great way to interact with people and give them quick, simple answers.

So the food for your ai, is it? The whole web or is it information that you've selected as being accurate? Yeah, no, so the, the whole crux of what  my business partner  has been able to put together is we can, we can put in our own unique knowledge base and drive that. For what people interact with.

So really as we said, we don't think other people are doing it. Like chat GTP as far as I know, sources the entire web, but we wanna be slightly more finessed and using our own information. Well, I think as well with chat G P T, you just don't know, you know, you dunno if it's a verified source, you dunno where the information's coming from.

So the idea that yours has some sort of guarantee. To it is really interesting. . You're listening to Dr. Warrick Bishop, a private cardiologist who's just worked with his business partner to create an AI chatbot on his webpage that can answer your heart health questions based on his knowledge base.

Which I think is so powerful. So many community groups, I would love a philosopher to do it. Wouldn't that be nice? What is existence fascinating. It is fascinating so you can have, I mean, and it's very, it is very topical, Rick cuz the last time we spoke, which was about a month ago, if I recall. Mm. The ama were making warning remarks about the use of AI in Western Australian hospitals.

If you recall, Yes. Writing diagnoses and things like that. But I think the, the challenge is that control of the information base. And I guess also there's a privacy issue in terms of making it clear to people whether a human will see this or not. We have it on a secure site, obviously. Mm. And we're Australian based.

But Once you put something on the internet, it's very hard for it to not be recorded somewhere. But obviously our center is, our service are closed, and people's information will be safe there. But that's true. Security, data security is a huge thing and privacy is a huge thing in medicine.

Briefly as well, Warrick, you were at Canberra last week as part of a de delegation raising awareness about cardiac failure. Who were you, whose awareness were you raising? So an organization called Hearts for Heart, who are a patient advocacy and support group for cardiac related issues, put together this fantastic resource called Understanding Heart Failure, a practical Guide for All Australians.

And that was launched in, in Canberra in one of the meeting rooms with a number of politicians. We had Maria Vama Una, who is a member of Corwell there and our own. Senator Wendy Askew from, who's based up in the north of Tasmania, and launched this particular Practical guide fantastic opportunity to be involved with something really positive.

And we know that heart failure affects about half a million patients in Australia. But one of the staggering things, Rick, is it's the single biggest cause for admission to hospital for people over 65 years of age. So anything we can do to raise awareness and let people know about it. He's gotta be to the good Dr.

Warrick Bishop. In terms of building your AI chatbot engine, I mean, is John a bit of a genius? Is this accessible, do you think, to most people? But he's created a platform that I think he's actually hoping to replicate and really invite people in a similar situation to me to take it up and run with it because cuz of that potential value, I mean, I know there's been a lot of work in the mental health space with this as well in terms of those counseling chats that a lot of people find really relatable and feel are super private.

Because you can get the information without having to open up to a person in the same way. But I just think about so many, like community advisory centers, and community legal centers that are asking questions in a fixed knowledge base that it must not be very hard to replicate. I again, I think you need, I think it's a matter of having the interface, which is.

Pointing towards the public. Yeah. Being able to relate with that knowledge base and how you load that knowledge base up. And then bolting what appears to be an ai engine onto the back of that. And, and it's not replacing you, is it Warrick It needs you. Well, I've I've created it. It could become a Frankenstein, but I've created it and to a large degree, we've got the, we've got the switch so we can turn it off if it misbehaves.

I'm afraid I can't do that. Warrick. We'll see how it goes. Dr. Warrick Bishop, great to talk to you this morning. You too, Rick. Take care. Cardiologist in Hobart, just wanting to be right out on the edge there exploring.

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