Chris: Hello. Thank you. Good morning to you. And I'm very happy to have on the phone, Dr. Warrick Bishop. Hello, Dr. Warrick.

Warrick: Hi Chris, how are you?

Chris: Really well, thanks. Just to formally introduce you, you're a three-time #1 International Best-selling author and cardiologist with a special interest in cardiovascular disease. Now, I want to go back to your humble beginnings and why you chose this pathway to save lives.

Warrick: I bumped around at school and wasn't really sure what I would do. I thought I might end up being an engineer. For various reasons, that path; that door seemed to close. And with my parents from fairly humble beginnings, sort of my dad took me aside one day and said, Warrick, you're probably smart enough to get to uni, but the family really can't afford for you to go to uni just to find yourself, so you need something with a career at the end of it.

Long story short, I ended up applying to medicine, surprised myself, and got in, went through the journey, went through specialist training. At the time, cardiology was vibrant. We were saving people's lives by injecting clot-busting therapy into their arms at the time of heart attacks.

We were starting to see the development of balloons to open up arteries. And this is sort of a late '80s, early '90s, and it was exciting. And so I stuck to cardiology because it was really a place where you could make a real meaningful difference in people's lives.

Chris: Now, what about your family or close friends? Any heart conditions that led you on that journey?

Warrick: Pleasingly, no significant family history and, no particular close friends, but my dearest friends' father passed away from a heart attack at 50 years of age. I was a young man; late teenager when that occurred, and I remember the impact that had, but more recently, my focus for cardiovascular disease prevention, which is really where I'm most motivated, came from an episode back in 2005.

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