These numbers will scare you

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I don’t like to write negative blogs

But I also don’t like to sugar-coat things.

Especially when it is as serious as you having a heart attack.

As a cardiologist, I speak to people every day about their heart.

Many who thought they were in the low-risk category are shocked to find out that isn’t the case.

As I always say,

Prevention is better than a cure.

Discovering you are in a high-risk group is the first step to implementing a plan to reduce your risk of a heart attack.

Heart disease is the number 1 killer in the western world.

It is the cause of over 9 million deaths every year.

Over 640,000 of those are in the US, and over 18,600 are right here in Australia.

That equates to over 1,753 per day or 1 every 40 seconds in the US,

And 51 people a day in Australia or 1 every 28 minutes.

These numbers are extremely high when you consider many can be prevented.

The Healthy Heart Network was founded on this fact.

It is the one place where you will find all the latest information on how to reduce your risk of suffering a heart attack.

Become a member today!

Thinking, "it will never happen to me" is not a good strategy.

As the numbers above show, heart attacks can and do happen to anyone.

Even the fit and healthy.

Find out more about how to reduce your risk and even prevent yourself from becoming another statistic by joining The Healthy Heart Network today.

Click here to get started.

As I previously mentioned, this is a serious topic.

One too many of us don’t like to think about until it is too late.

If you knew you were headed for a fatal heart attack in the next 12-24 months,

You would want to do everything possible NOW to prevent it…right?

Head on over to The Healthy Heart Network and take a look around.

I guarantee you won’t find anywhere else on the internet that gives you as much information, resources and support to help you improve your heart health and reduce your risk of a heart attack.

The numbers don’t lie. Join The Healthy Heart Network today and discover how to reduce your risk of becoming another statistic before it is too late.

What's Your Risk of Heart Attack?

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